Spring Too

Spring progresses, interupted occassionally by sleet, snow and freezing rain, but still progresses.

In between the bouts of the above mentioned weather I’ve photographed proof that spring is here and that it can’t be reversed.

Common Blue Violet growing on the north side of the Wetlands.
Two Bullfrogs seek warmth on a willow limb.
A Pickerel Frog waits for a mate.
I happened by just as this Green Treefrog emerged from the leaf litter. This frog is a couple of weeks early in rising, especially considering the recent cool weather.
I saw this first-of-the-season Common Snapping Turtle on the 13th of March.
Golden Shiner fingerlings have been collecting at the surface of the water.
A pair of Eastern Phoebes. I’ve seen them flying under the boardwalk, presumably looking for a nest sight.
A duck Mallard laid an egg in a nest just six feet from the main Wetlands Overlook. Unfortunately, a few days later, something that eats eggs found the nest and ate the egg.
The Mallard pair during better times.

And finally, not necessarily a sign of spring but just a nice portrait of Red Wolf 1414 as he surveys his limited domain.


Spring forth!



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