Spring Too

Spring progresses, interupted occassionally by sleet, snow and freezing rain, but still progresses. In between the bouts of the above mentioned weather I’ve photographed proof that spring is here and that it can’t be reversed. And finally, not necessarily a sign of spring but just a nice portrait of Red Wolf 1414 as he surveys his limited domain. Spring forth!    Read more

What’s that sound?!

Why, it’s 1414 howling! If you’re lucky enough to be in Explore the Wild when the wolves start to howling you’ll get quite a thrill. It’s both thrilling and chilling to experience these wolves doing what they used to do in the wild many years ago throughout the Southeast. The only place in these parts that you can experience Red Wolves howling nowadays, without treking out to Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern North Carolina, is right here at theRead more

The Howling

I usually don’t post much about the animals on exhibit, focusing more on the wildlife around the campus here at the Museum. But Red Wolf 1414 has been getting so much press lately that I feel compelled to give a little time to our female wolf, #1287, if only with just a few photographs. So, without further delay, here she is. Female 1287 often howls at the passage of sirens in the distance. Fire engines, I believe, are what setsRead more

Welcome 1414

As you may already know, male Red Wolf #1414 has arrived at the Museum and is now on display. He’s not shy and, so far, has made himself available to visitors by frequently moving around the enclosure. When he does lie down to rest it’s been on the ground level under the shrubs to the left of the waterfall. He’s also been seen at the top of the hill next to the fence, but if you can’t find him thereRead more