Who’s out and about?

Some turtles…

This little Yellow-bellied Slider was basking a dozen feet or so from the Wetlands Overloook (2/27/13).
Our old friend “Chip” (arrow) was also out, with some of her friends (2/26/12).

Read about Chip here.

A Mallard…

This drake Mallard is getting ready to do some spring cleaning.
A little splashing about to wash out all the dust and kinks.
Really getting into it now.

A squirrel…

This squirrel, as others of its kind do each spring, is eating elm buds.

A land bird…

Well suited for a life of foraging on the forest floor, Fox Sparrows are winter visitors to our area. They will be departing soon (3/1/13).
Fox Sparrows will come to feeders, especially when the weather turns bad. This one is typical, feeding below our feeders here at the Museum (3/1/13).

And speaking of fox…

As I was closing up for the evening I noticed this Gray Fox slowly walking through the swamp above the Lemur House. It stopped to pose for me (2/27/13).

And that’s it!

Stay tuned, more to come.

2 responses to Who’s out and about?

    • Greg Dodge says:

      The water in the Wetlands is a bit high due to the rain, and other factors, which is why she was on the rocks with the other sliders. Normally she’s seen on her favorite perch as in the bottom of the three photos here:
      That particular perch is under water at the time.
      And yes, it’s always good to see the Chipster!

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