I first noticed the bird in the photo as it stood on the ground chasing insects in front of the Bungee Jump (Take Off). It is, as it says in the photo’s caption, a great-crested flycatcher (Myiarchus crinitus). After the bird presumably caught and consumed the insect, or insects, it was chasing it flew up to one of the tell-tale poles that are everywhere in Catch the Wind and proceeded to preen, allowing many opportunities for photography. Here’s just a handfulRead more

Preening Green

  Pausing to rest, the green heron in the above photo is performing an extremely important job for a bird, preening. Most birds have a preen gland, or uropygial gland, on their back, at the base of the tail just forward of where the tail feathers enter the body. You can’t see it unless you move the feathers aside, but its there. The gland contains an oily substance used to clean and coat the bird’s feathers. The bird reaches back with itsRead more