FLASH! Marked Turtle Seen In Wetlands

On Friday (3/15), a Yellow-bellied Slider bearing a notch in her shell was seen basking on a log next to the Main Wetlands Overlook. This turtle was marked last year by myself as part of a turtle survey. It could not be determined which of some dozen turtles it was since only one notch was visible (some of the turtles have notches on both sides of their shells, left and right), however, it was clearly one of last year’s subjects.Read more

Cold Front Brings in More Birds

After reporting that Myrtle Warblers (A.K.A. Yellow-rumped Warblers and Butter Butts) had had been seen on October 6, many more have arrived. A truck load of them must have come in on the night of November 1-2, as there were plenty around the following day. Although the first bird that I saw on the morning of November 2nd as I pulled the Club Car into its parking spot down in Explore the Wild was a Dark-eyed Junco (first one ofRead more

Turtle Report

I’ve gotten several reports over the last two weeks of turtles laying eggs at various locations around the Museum’s outdoor areas, places like the Train Station and the Red Wolf Overlook. The turtles were, according to descriptions given me, Yellow-bellied Sliders and at least one Eastern Musk Turtle. Unfortunately, I wasn’t on site at the time and the turtles went unmarked or, if they had marks on them, they were not recorded as such. Yesterday (6/13) around 9 AM, aRead more