Spring Is Here!

Top Photo: Redbud, about to burst wide open.

March 1 is the first day of Spring. Many wait till the equinox to proclaim the season, but for me it’s the first day of March. Most meteorologist agree.

Besides the photo of the redbud above, here’s a group of photos which may help confirm the arrival of the season.

A single soft-white flower and a single rounded, lobed, leaf means bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis). Red juice from the stem can be used as a dye and as insect repellent. Careful, the root can be fatal if swallowed.


Red buckeye continues to move forward. Flower buds are showing.

Red buckeye flower buds.

Oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) is shooting out leaves.

Young leaves of oakleaf hydrangea.

Wintergreen barberry (Berberis julianae) is in bloom. Be careful of the formidable thorns on this one.

Wintergreen barberry.

And how are the animals reacting to the season?

Birds are singing.

Song sparrow sings its song from within a swamp rose in the wetlands. This bird’s song is buzzy, melodic, and a trill at the same time.

Pickerel frogs have been seen heading towards water and actually calling out their rolling, snore-like songs from the wetlands.

Pickerel frog making way to water.

And the mammals?

An eastern cottontail.

Eastern cottontail looks back over its shoulder to assess my intentions.

Ranger Ren and Volunteer Sammie try to capture an image of a pair of red-shouldered hawks.

Ranger Ren and Volunteer Sammie take pictures of a springtime event (Inset-mated pair, red-shouldered hawks).

Ranger Dakota is happy spring is here.

Ranger Dakota.

Exhibits Director John happily works on video monitor at Red Wolf Enclosure.

John, happy at work.

Ranger Robert and Volunteer Sammie are enjoying the season.

Ranger Robert and Volunteer Sammie share a laugh.

Hope you’re smiling and happy too. It’s springtime!

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