Nest Box Update 3.7.23

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs (previous season).

We now have three nest boxes being attended to. Two of the nests are being worked on by eastern bluebirds while one is the property of a pair of Carolina chickadees.

The Cow Pasture nest box has a completed bluebird nest. A female was nearby as we opened the nest box for a peek.

Cow Pasture, eastern bluebird.

The Explore the Wild and Into the Mist nest boxes are empty with no sign of activity.

The Parking Deck East nest box was started by a bluebird. The following week, there seemed to be a pair of chickadees interested in the box, there were two chickadees hovering nearby and all of the bluebird nest material had been removed.

This week, a half complete eastern bluebird nest sits in the box.

Parking Deck East, eastern bluebirds.

The scene on the west side of the parking deck is just the opposite, there’s been no activity in the box from either species.

The final inspection of the day brought a surprise. There was a chickadee nest in the nest box at the Butterfly House, a soft moss base topped off with alpaca fur (the museum farmyard and alpacas are only 30 yards or so from the nest box).

Butterfly House, Carolina chickadees.

So, at the beginning of the second week of March, the seventh day of the month, we have two bluebird nests under construction and one chickadee nest. There are no eggs yet but there’s plenty of time to spare, we usually see eggs somewhere around the middle or third week of March. We still have the potential for cold weather ahead.

See you next week.

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