Black Vulture.

It seems the lengthening days and warm weather of last week created a stirring in some of the local wildlife. As I drove in to work Friday I saw two Black Vultures copulating on the side of the road.

On Wednesday (4/19) I saw one of our local Red-shouldered Hawks aloft, stooping, soaring, and screaming for all the world to see and hear his desire to procreate. I later saw the bird land next to another red-shoulder and mount the other bird.

Spring Peepers and Upland Chorus Frogs were calling out from every wet spot in every field and woodlot. Even our Red Wolves here at the Museum were in the mood.

Red-shouldered Hawk aloft and showing off.
The pair, afterward.

I saw a crow fly into an elm tree, snap a twig from the tree and fly off to incorporate that twig into its nest.

Off to start a nest somewhere on the back forty.

The Red Wolves come into estrous once a year, and that time is now!

Female #1287 (left) and male #1414 tied together (2/20/14).

I’ve been seeing many skunks on the highway, an indication that they too are in their breeding season, wandering around the countryside looking for mates.

Spring is here, there’s no denying that fact. Red Maple is blooming, alder and elm too. Daffodils and other flower bed plants are up and ready to bloom. Purple Martins have been reported as far north as Indiana. Bullfrogs are becoming more active. And although we may well see another icy blast from the north it can’t last long. I’m ready!

Some of our Red Maples are in full bloom.
Hazel Alder showing off it catkins.
Although they can be seen throughout the winter, bullfrogs are moving about more.

Are you ready for what’s coming?

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