Things are Getting Heated with Red Wolves

Ever since red wolves 1784 and 1794 were released in the Museum’s Red Wolf Enclosure, the male has followed the female wherever she roamed, relentlessly. She, wanting no part of him, would allow no closer than perhaps a dozen feet between them before she would turn, bare her teeth, arch her back, and, if necessary, lunge at him. Our female is entering estrous and she is now allowing the male closer approach, although she still holds him back with aRead more


It seems the lengthening days and warm weather of last week created a stirring in some of the local wildlife. As I drove in to work Friday I saw two Black Vultures copulating on the side of the road. On Wednesday (4/19) I saw one of our local Red-shouldered Hawks aloft, stooping, soaring, and screaming for all the world to see and hear his desire to procreate. I later saw the bird land next to another red-shoulder and mount the otherRead more