You Have to Go Outside to See It

Top Photo: Canada geese float about in wetlands.

You can’t help but see the Canada geese drifting about on our three acre pond in Explore the Wild. They’re big, loud, and recently, there’ve been ten of them present, five pairs.

With the installation of the floating walkway in our wetlands you may have the opportunity to get quite close to the geese. Of course, they sometimes walk along the main path grazing on the grass as they go, so you may have an encounter there as well.

Floating Walkway.

I’ve included a handful of photos here to let you see just how close you can get. Geese have a reputation for being aggressive. They may hiss at you if you get too close, but its mostly bluster.

Taken from Floating Walkway.
A gentle creature.
A step too close elicits a hiss.

Despite the colder temperatures the past several days, green anoles have been out basking. Below, a couple of the small lizards catch some sun on the wall in front of Sprout Cafe.

Basking in the sun.
Warming in the morning sun’s rays.

Green anoles are a new phenomenon here at the museum. A decade ago they’d be difficult to impossible to find. Now, they’re quite common in the outdoor areas of the museum.

A stop at the Red Wolf Enclosure on the chilly morning of March 16 saw both wolves up and active.

The wolves were feeling playful on this morn (Niko front)
Oak (female) trots by.
Niko (male) pauses to gaze at me between laps of water.

Outdoor Landscape Environment Dir. Jim, stopped by to have a look at the wolves.

Jim enjoying the wolves.

Walk on the floating walkway, look for anoles as you wait for your food to arrive at the cafe, stop by the wolf enclosure, there’s always something going on! But, you have to be there to see it.

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