Nest Box Update 3.21.23

Top Photo: Eastern Bluebird eggs (from previous season).

We now have four active nests. Two nests belong to chickadees and two to bluebirds. Neither chickadee nest has eggs, There are four eggs in one bluebird nest and a single egg in another.


The nest box at the Cow Pasture has four eastern bluebird eggs inside its cup. At the end of the day, last Tuesday, it had two eggs.

There were no birds to be seen during this week’s inspection so I don’t know whether incubation has begun. Incubation usually starts when all the eggs are deposited so they all hatch at the same time, or nearly so, giving all the young a fair shake.

Four bluebird eggs at Cow Pasture (3.21.23).

The Explore the Wild and Into the Mist nest boxes are empty.

The nest box on the east side of the parking deck has one bluebird egg.

East side of parking deck, a single egg for the bluebirds (3.21.23).

I was surprised to see a chickadee nest, albeit an incomplete nest, in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck. It needs to be topped off with feathers, alpaca or other animal fur and various soft fibers before its ready for eggs.

Parking Deck West, a near complete chickadee nest (3.21.23).

Though the chickadee nest in the box at the Butterfly House is finished, it doesn’t yet have eggs.

Still no eggs for chickadees at Butterfly House (3.21.23).


Four of our six nest boxes are occupied, two with chickadees and two with bluebirds. Chickadees reside in the Parking Deck West and Butterfly House nest boxes, neither has eggs. Eastern bluebirds reside in the Cow Pasture and Parking Deck East nest boxes with five eggs between them, four at Cow Pasture and one in Parking Deck East.

The season is underway.

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