What You May Have Missed

Above, a male zabulon skipper nectars on vetch.

A male cecropia moth dries out after emerging from cocoon.
A Carolina wren rests between songs.
An eyed click beetle. Those are false eyes. The real eyes are much smaller and forward on head.
Lady beetle larva, an aphid predator.
Lady beetle larva preparing to pupate.
Lady beetle pupa will soon become the lady beetle, or lady bug, we’re all familiar with.
Red milkweed beetle.
Mating time for milkweed beetles.
Red milkweed beetles on milkweed flower buds.
Vigilant red-shouldered hawk watches for movement below.
Red wolf pups growing fast. Mom looks a bit overwhelmed by it all.
Pups play in front of outside den. Note the “little guy” on right.
The “runt” of the litter walks back towards den.

So, get out and have a look around, you never know what’ll turn up!

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