The Week in Pictures

A quick pictorial trip back to the past week.

Flowering dogwood is in bloom (above).

Over the past week I began to see aquatic turtles very near the shoreline of our wetlands, peeking up from the water to the shore. I suspected they were searching for safe places to come ashore and lay eggs. The next day I saw two yellow-bellied sliders walking along the path. It’s nesting time.

Searching for a safe place to come ashore.
A female on the path the next day.

The tadpoles, products of the American toad breeding spree of March, are now swimming freely in the swamp across from the Main Wetlands Overlook.

American toad tadpoles.

If they haven’t already departed, yellow-bellied sapsuckers will be headed north soon.

Male yellow-bellied sapsucker.

Red buckeye is in bloom…

Red buckeye inflorescences.

as is columbine.


Eastern tiger swallowtails are flying.

Dark morph female eastern tiger swallowtail (note pollen dusting on wings).

Elm seeds are ripening.

Gray squirrel attacks elm seeds in Explore the Wild.

Treefrogs are calling from all points, especially on rainy days.

Gray tree frog in fading redbud tree.
A very small gray tree frog on a post.
Green tree frog on equisetum.

And a true frog.

Green frog on a rock.

Say goodbye to redbud.

Only a few flowers remain of the redbud.

And finally, the happy family.

The two brothers on left, mom, and dad on right.

Will this family increase in numbers, and when?

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  1. Marjie Wolfe says:

    Mom has really packed on some pounds… She looks like she may “lose some pounds” any day now!!! Hope it is a daughter or two!

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