Spring Happenings

Red wolf 1858 in den with her pups (wolf-cam, 5/11/17).

Before and after your visit to the Red Wolf Enclosure to see the wolf pups out in Explore the Wild, be sure to keep a keen lookout for some of our local wild fauna here at the Museum. The garden in front of the Butterfly House, the sides of the paths around our outdoor loop, and the Wetlands are host to many a diverse creature waiting for your discovery.

Currently, insects, frogs, and birds are stealing the show. Beetles, dragonflies, tree frogs, and birds have all been making themselves available for viewing. If you’re having trouble seeing what I’m seeing, look for me out on the loop and I may be able to help locate some of what’s out there.

Here’s just a few, starting with insects.

A new species for the museum, unicorn clubtail (5/11/17).
Common along our paths as they hunt for flying insects to devour, swamp darner.
Milkweed attracts many insects to its toxicity, red milkweed beetle is but one.
Gray tree frogs have been spotted at the Sailboat Pond.
Here’s a close view of Hyla chrysochelis, Cope’s gray tree frog.
Green tree frogs have been popping up on the Dinosaur Trail, on palm fronds.
This gray catbird sings. Notice it’s holding on with only one foot.
A spotted sandpaper stopped in to the Wetlands for a brief visit on Tuesday (5/9/17).
Two of three just fledged Carolina wrens at the Red Wolf Overlook.
Note the outsized feet on this fledgling.
These birds need to grow into their feet and bills.
Here’s another in a cedar tree waiting for food to be delivered by one of its parents.

That’s all for now. Come on out a see what you can spot!

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