March 10th was the day!

A little after noon I spotted the first-of-the-season Northern Water Snake coiled up under a Baldcypress at the bottom of the boardwalk in the Wetlands.

Although not necessarily known as even tempered snakes, Northern Water Snakes are harmless.

The same day, Lead Animal Keeper Kristen spied a Copperhead along the path in Explore the Wild.

And today, Lead Horticulturists Joe found several Rough Earth Snakes (Virginia striatula) and a Brown Snake (Storeria dekayi) under some debri at one of the Museum’s storage areas. Both of these snakes are small snakes, maxing out at about 13 inches and 18 inches respectively.

One of several Rough Earth Snakes seen on the 11th of March.
Brown Snake.
Close-up of head of the Brown Snake.

Brown Snakes are gentle little snakes, please respect them by leaving them be if you come across one on the trail.

March 10 was also a busy day for turtles. Besides the dozens of Painted and Yellow-bellied Turtles out basking, the first Common Snapping Turtle of the season was seen from the Wetlands Overlook.

The turtles were stacked up on the Wetlands (3/10/10). Pictured here are all Yellow-bellied Turtles (sliders).

I wonder what will show up today?

2 responses to Snakes!

    • Greg Dodge, Ranger says:

      Thanks Stephanie.
      The cool weather on Tuesday shut the turtles down somewhat, but they bounced back yesterday (3/17). Every available perch was occupied!

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