Fish Crows (w/audio this time) and Herp and Ode Updates

Fish Crows continued to fly over on Tuesday (3/9). I searched my personal audio library that I keep for video soundtracks and found a file that contains the nasal calls of the Fish Crows as they wing by. Have a listen here: [audio:/wp-content/files/2/2010/03/fishcrow.mp3|titles=fishcrow]

The same day, Spring Peepers, Upland Chorus Frogs, (The chorus frogs are the ones that sound like someone running their finger down a comb, the peepers are the higher pitched single notes heard)[audio:/wp-content/files/2/2010/03/chorus_peeper.mp3|titles=chorus_peeper] Pickerel Frogs, [audio:/wp-content/files/2/2010/03/pickerel-frog.mp3|titles=pickerel frog]and at least one (1) American Toad was heard calling from the Wetlands or in the swamp between Catch the Wind and Explore the Wild.

A Pickerel Frog readies for the mating season.

Still no snakes. Still no odes (dragonflies/damselflies).

The snakes could very well be up, but just not out and about. It’s the odes that have me troubled. I’ve usually seen Fragile Forktails by this time each year. The only explanation I can think of as to why I haven’t seen them yet has to be the unusually cold February that we’ve had this year (by North Carolina standards). Any day now, any day.

And finally, what’s that? What are Lead Horticulturist Joe and Facilities Tech Craig looking at?

Is that a bird they’re looking at?


A big blue blimp went over yesterday afternoon.

It’s a blimp!

Keep looking up, you never know what’s going to sail by.

4 responses to Fish Crows (w/audio this time) and Herp and Ode Updates

  1. Leslie says:

    I heard report of the first snake on the path of the season today from Keeper Kristen!

    • Greg Dodge, Ranger says:

      I didn’t hear of the snake that Kristen saw, but there was a Northern Water Snake next to the boardwalk in the Wetlands. Pictures to follow (Thursday).
      A few other new arrivals will be reported as well.

    • Greg Dodge, Ranger says:

      Thanks, you should have heard the peepers calling out at closing time today (3/10)!

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