Snakes and Skinks

Not the first of the season but the first photographed were a Brown Snake (Storeria dekayi) and Ground Skink (Scinella lateralis) on Friday, the 16th day of March.

A Brown Snake on the path just north of the Lemur House (3/16/12).

March is when we start seeing these gentle little snakes (this one’s about 9 inches long). I’d seen at least two in the weeks prior to this photo being taken. Unfortunately for the snakes, both were being carried off by a Red-shouldered Hawk.

A Ground Skink scurrying off into the pine needles along the path next to the Farmyard ( 3/16/12).

Likewise with the snake, I had seen a skink the week before as it slinked across the path in Explore the Wild. Both of these creatures seem to be right on time, as far as their appearances in relation to the season.

Have a good one!

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