Red Wolf Pups

Just a few photos of the red wolf pups. Visitation is increasing as we begin to allow more and more escorted museum guests to enter the overlook to view the wolves. The photos were taken as the wolves occupied a dug-out “den” in the exposed roots of a cut-off pine tree near the center of the enclosure, an easy spot from the overlook. The pictures were taken Wednesday (5/16). Today (5/17), the pups were in the den and viewable on the den camera monitor. But, they may be moved again, at the parents choosing.

Enjoy the photos.

Mom looks out over enclosure as pups wander out of temporary den (5/16/18).
Site of “den.”
Pups take a look outside (5/16/18).
Mom watches while pups explore (5/16/18).

See you out there.

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  1. Susan Davis says:

    Thanks so much Greg! I have been wondering how the pups were doing and I appreciate your gorgeous photos.

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