Season Changes and The Wolves

Migration has been underway for several months. Most of the northern insectivorous birds have passed us by for warmer climates. The majority of our local insect-eating birds have long since departed. Some still linger, like catbird, but they’re on their way out. Granivores like juncos, white-throated sparrows and others will arrive soon. It can’t be long before the butter-butts (yellow-rumped warblers) come in. I heard a yellow-bellied sapsucker the other day. Our winter visiting hooded mergansers should arrive next month.Read more

Red Wolf Pups

Just a few photos of the red wolf pups. Visitation is increasing as we begin to allow more and more escorted museum guests to enter the overlook to view the wolves. The photos were taken as the wolves occupied a dug-out “den” in the exposed roots of a cut-off pine tree near the center of the enclosure, an easy spot from the overlook. The pictures were taken Wednesday (5/16). Today (5/17), the pups were in the den and viewable onRead more

Before We Red Wolves Leave

As you may already know, the red wolves, the entire family, are scheduled to leave us for the Wolf Conservation Center in New York on 13 November. Before they leave, as does happen from time to time with animals who wander into their enclosure, they took out a raccoon. Our adult male (#1784) is shown here gnawing on the unfortunate victim. Good luck in New York, 1784 and family.Read more

Red Wolf Release

The female wolf paced back and forth within the kennel. The male, sensing something was about to happen, watched intensely. They’d both been waiting for two weeks for this moment to arrive, and here it was. The female was about to be released into the main enclosure after having acclimated, as best she could, to her new surroundings. She’d come from another facility one state to the west of us and was now going to become part of the exhibit, theRead more

Howl, Howl, Howl

Since I last reported on the howling of our wolves, how, up until recently, I’ve heard the male wolf howl perhaps three times over the past year, he has changed his routine. I now hear, and see, him howl on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times each day that I’m here on duty. I’m told, that the female had joined in on at least one occasion within the last few days. So, if you’re out and about in Explore theRead more

‘Tis the Season

This is our female red wolf (1794). It’s now breeding season. It seems as though she is spending more time out in the open than she had been in the most recent past. The male, as is usual, gets excited at her appearances, perhaps even more so now that the season for breeding is upon us. He follows her, walks past her as she’s rests, glancing over at her as he goes, and sniffs the air around her as ifRead more

Running with the Wolves

After five months of watching our female red wolf (1794) behaving with raw aggression towards our male (1784), watching her go through estrous with no change in her attitude towards the male, indeed being more aggressive at his approaches, and watching our male walk around the enclosure with his head hung low, our female has apparently had a change of heart.     Anthropomorphic disclaimer notice. On Saturday morning, close to noon, both wolves were seen splashing around in the water,Read more