Nest Box Update 5.15.18

So far, so good. All of our six nest boxes have been productive. Some have already fledged birds, others soon will. Not all of the eggs laid have hatched but we have had no nest lost in its entirety. I consider that good news.

The Cow Pasture nest, which had previously fledged 4 chickadees, now has a complete house wren nest. No eggs yet, but there are feathers in the nest and it looks prime for laying.

House wren nest in Cow Pasture nest box (5/15/18).

There are four chickadee nestlings in the nest at Explore the Wild. There had been four nestlings and two unhatched eggs at last week’s inspection of the nest. It seems the other two eggs never hatched. You can see one of the unhatched eggs under the bird on the left side of the nest.

Note unhatched egg under bird on left at Explore the Wild nest (5/15/18).

At last week’s inspection of the nest at Into the Mist there was one nestling and three unhatched eggs. There are now four nestlings.

All four bluebird eggs have hatched at Into the Mist (5/15/18).

The Parking Deck nest is empty. Four chickadees fledged from this box last week. A new berry basket has been installed and waiting for occupancy.

An empty nest waiting for occupants at Parking Deck nest box (5/15/18).

There is nothing in the Woodlands nest except a mess. The four bluebirds that called this nest box home have fledged. I’m letting the nest box air out before placing a new berry basket inside.

A mess left by bluebirds at Woodlands nest (5/15/18).

The Butterfly House nest has, at the time of inspection (5/15/18), four nestlings and one unhatched egg. The birds just hatched, so I’m expecting the final egg will hatch this same day.

Three just-hatched bluebirds, and one to go, at Butterfly House nest (5/15/18).

We currently have 12 nestlings and 3 eggs in our nest boxes. That’s 8 bluebird nestlings and 4 chickadee nestlings. There are 2 unhatched chickadee eggs which will not hatch and 1 bluebird egg which most probably will, if it has not already done so.

See you next week.

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