Red Wolf or…?

If you’re walking down the 750′ boardwalk here at the museum on your way to see the red wolf pups (born April 20) and you happen to spot one or two canine creatures just past where the boardwalk levels out and makes a sharp left turn, don’t be alarmed. They are not escaped red wolf pups.

If you’re wondering where the mother is, again, don’t worry. She’s nearby. She, and perhaps the father, may be watching you through the surrounding brush, or from inside one of the many gaps in the boulders you see in front of and above you. The pups are not abandoned or orphaned. They are healthy grey fox pups.

Two well taken care of grey fox pups on top of boulder in Explore the Wild.
The pups may be carefree, but the parents are probably watching from a nearby, secure location.

Compare this red wolf pup photo (below).

wolf pup #2246.

Have fun out there.

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