Red Wolf or…?

If you’re walking down the 750′ boardwalk here at the museum on your way to see the red wolf pups (born April 20) and you happen to spot one or two canine creatures just past where the boardwalk levels out and makes a sharp left turn, don’t be alarmed. They are not escaped red wolf pups. If you’re wondering where the mother is, again, don’t worry. She’s nearby. She, and perhaps the father, may be watching you through the surroundingRead more


Wild gray fox pups were first noticed here at the Museum sometime around May 17 on the north side of the Wetlands close to the Lemur House. The fox were in a hollow on the opposite side of the path from the Lemur House and were visible from the path through a narrow opening in the brush. At the time it was estimated that there were anywhere from 5 to 7 of the pups in the litter. A short timeRead more

Gray Fox Pups

I’d been informed that someone, a Museum Guest, had spotted gray fox pups just off the trail in Explore the Wild. I’d seen an adult in this area many times during the past few months so it was no surprise, but I was excited at the prospect of getting photos of the pups. As I stolled past the site, one of the adults huffed and barked at me and retreated down into the gully that’s beside the path near theRead more

Sleepy Fox

Yesterday (1/4), with the temps in the low thirties (and wind chills in the twenties), one of our resident wild gray foxes found a cozy, sunny spot to lie down and rest. Only feet from the main path through Explore the Wild, the fox apparently felt that its cryptic coloration would conceal its location. I was lucky enough to spot the little canid. It’s always a thrill to see one of these little guys, don’t you agree? I suppose, though,Read more

Who’s that?

What’s that under the bench out in Explore the Wild? I saw the fox searching under the bench out in front of the restrooms in Explore the Wild as I rounded the bend from the Lemur Exhibit. I paused and watched as the little canid reached under the bench and grabbed a morsel of food, perhaps a goldfish left by one of the field-tripping schools kids earlier in the day. The fox finally spotted me and we briefly stared at eachRead more

Gray Fox PSA

That’s what greeted me as I arrived here at the Museum this morning, a Gray Fox. If you’ve spent much time here at the Museum, especially in Explore the Wild or Catch the Wind you may have seen this fox or perhaps one of its kin. If you’ve read this Journal in the past you may have read about the foxes here at the Museum. Gray Fox live here, they’re wild animals and not part of any display or exhibit.Read more