Nest Box Update 5.22.18

We now have four active nests, one house wren, two bluebird and one chickadee nest. The house wren nest has 5 eggs. The 2 bluebird nests have 4 nestlings each, and the chickadee nest has 4 nestlings.

The Cow Pasture nest which has already added 4 new chickadees to the local avifauna now has 5 eggs laid by a house wren.

House wren nest at Cow Pasture (5/22/18).
Five eggs for the house wrens (5/22/18).

There are 4 chickadee nestlings in the Explore the Wild nest box that are ready to fledge. I feared they’d jump out of the nest as I photo’d them but they sat tight and allowed my brief intrusion as I clicked away.

Four ready to fledge chickadees at Explore the Wild (5/22/18).

The bluebird nestlings in the nest box at Into the Mist were somewhat wet (it rained heavily the night before) but they seemed healthy as I peeked in on them. They may be out in the wild by next week.

Slightly soggy bluebird nestlings at Into the Mist (5/22/18).

The parking Deck nest box is empty. It fledged 4 chickadees a few weeks back.

Empty nest at Parking Deck (5/22/18).

The Woodlands nest is also empty having fledged 4 bluebirds last week.

Empty and waiting for occupancy at Woodlands nest box (5/22/18).

And finally, the Butterfly House nest. The 4 bluebird nestlings in this box will probably not fledge until after next week’s inspection. They hatched late.

Four young bluebirds at Butterfly House nest box (5/22/18).

So, we have 12 nestlings in three of the active nest boxes, 8 bluebirds with 4 each in the Into the Mist and Butterfly House nests and 4 chickadees in the Explore the Wild nest. There are 5 house wren eggs at the Cow Pasture.

See you next week.

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