Out and About

Among other creatures out and about this past week were a late season dragonfly, basking turtles, basking bullfrogs, and basking mergansers.

This is the first Autumn Meadowhawk I encountered this season (11/6/13). I usually begin to see them sometime in October, a bit late this year.
Taking advantage of the bright sunshine this Yellow-bellied Slider takes on some solar radiation. Check the hind legs, splayed out to catch every last bit of sun.
I’m not sure if this female bullfrog is catching rays or waiting for a meal to happen by, maybe a bit of both.
Bullfrog tadpoles are beginning to mass in the smartweed on the west side of the Wetlands. Look closely, you’ll see them.
Here’s closer view of some of the tadpoles.

And finally…

Two female Hooded Mergansers relax in the afternoon sun.

There’s much going on out in the Wild, come on out and see what you can find.


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