A New Ode

Top Photo: Male roseate skimmer sallies forth from its perch on twig. There’s been another species added to the list of odonata seen at the museum. With the addition of roseate skimmer (Orthemis ferruginea) seen on Saturday, September 18, I’ve recorded 42 species out of 188 listed for the state. There are many species that will never be recorded here at the museum due to their specific habitat requirements and range. I didn’t expect to see this species. It’s aRead more

Out and About

Among other creatures out and about this past week were a late season dragonfly, basking turtles, basking bullfrogs, and basking mergansers. And finally… There’s much going on out in the Wild, come on out and see what you can find.  Read more

Great Blue, the Moon, Seeds Ready to Fly, a new Ode, and a Returnee

Hidden most of the day, our Great Blue Heron can often be seen on the far side of the Wetlands waiting for us humans to leave for the day. The skies were clear most of last week providing the opportunity to see the waxing gibbous moon each morning. Groundsel Tree is nearly ready to cast its seeds to the wind. Last week I spotted a new species of dragonfly here at the Museum, a Blue-faced Meadowhawk. I see Autumn MeadowhawksRead more

Bullfrogs and Meadowhawks

The unseasonably warm weather last week brought out more than a few bullfrogs. I see these frogs throughout the winter so they won’t completely disappear when the temperature drops again, as it’s already doing as I write. The warmer weather of last week also brought out the meadowhawks. Although I saw the first of the season meadowhawk on October 12, it had been a few weeks since I’d seen another. The meadowhawk above was only feet from a chalk drawingRead more