No-fly Zone

red-tailed hawk
A Red-tailed Hawk leisurely sails over the Wetlands on 15 April.
red-taled hawk
The hawk peers over its right shoulder at something approaching from above and behind.

A while back I mentioned that Red-tailed Hawks are not often seen over the Museum’s outdoor areas during the summer months. Its not quite summer yet, but trouble is already brewing for the big red-tails.

red-tail & crow
A crow sneaks in from the rear.
red-tail and crow
The hawk wheels around to avoid the crow’s dive-bombing aerial attack.

Crows seem to delight in harassing any hawk or owl they come across, especially during the nesting season when the crows are raising their young.

red-tail & crows
Another crow joins in as the hawk turns, talons drawn and ready.

The crows are brazen, but they’re not dumb, and these two gave up their pursuit once the hawk left “their” airspace.

Keep your eyes to the skies!

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