Birdbox Update

bluebird check
Steve McDaniel peeks inside one of the four Bluebird Nest Boxes he and others donated and helped install in Catch the Wind.

The folks who installed our Bluebird Nest Boxes in Catch the Wind came by to check the occupancy of the boxes.

All of the boxes in Catch the Wind are occupied. Two boxes hold Eastern Bluebird nests and two contain Carolina Chickadee nests. As of Saturday April 10, all but one box had eggs in them.

You can watch chickadees go in and out of one of the nest boxes by sitting on a bench at Flying Birds, the bird feeder exhibit in Catch the Wind. The nest box is easily visible from either of the two benches at the site.

Let me know if you see the birds carry in food items, like caterpillars and other insects. More importantly, let me know if you see one of the birds carry out a little white ball-shaped object, a fecal sac, a sure sign that the eggs have hatched.

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