New Additions (4) at Red Wolf Exhibit

No, no, not red wolf pups, northern cardinal chicks!

For the past several weeks a pair of cardinals have been building a nest, laying eggs, incubating and hatching out those eggs, and finally feeding four nestlings right over our heads at the Red Wolf Enclosure.

Four cardinal nestlings at Red Wolf Enclosure.

Just two feet over our heads, as one stands at the red wolf interpretive signage at the overlook, the cardinals have been flying in and out of the nest in a red cedar tree at the overlook.

The birds seem to pay little attention to the hundreds of school kids and other visitors that stop by this exhibit each day. A good strategy, perhaps, to build a nest where there is near constant human traffic, few predators would think of robbing this nest.

Good luck to the cardinals. As you can see from the photo, there’s still a week and more before the nestlings can leave the nest.

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