Moving Day

If you’ve been to the Red Wolf Enclosure recently you may have seen our adult female lying down with her six pups on the left side of the enclosure near the base of the ridge.

Female 2062 with her pups.

She has at least three favorite sites to nurse here pups. One, is in the manmade den, visible on the monitor in front of the overlook. The second, as described above, is out in the open and visible from the overlook (best seen through binoculars or telephoto lens), and third, behind some shrubbery just to the left of the waterfall (which is not flowing water at present).

Occasionally our devoted mother will move her pups from one site to the other.

It’s time to move.
Female readjusts the cargo amongst loud protests from pup.
It’s not always a comfortable ride.

Despite being transported upside down and dangling in the air, all pups seem to be doing well.

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