More pictures of things that are out and about.

What’s out and about, you say?

Here’s a few things that you might see out in Explore the Wild and Catch the Wind on a walk around the loop.

A male Zabulon Skipper, a butterfly, sips nectar from one of the tubular flowers on the ping pong ball-sized cluster of flowers of Buttonbush.
Evidence that a Downy Woodpecker has tried, successfully it appears, to extract Carpenter Bee larvae from a 2 x 12 in Catch the Wind. The neat round hole is the bee’s work.
A Common Grackle hunts among the willows in the Wetlands for tadpoles, fish, or small frogs.
The tracks of a slider show where the turtle has been and where it’s going.
A Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle rests on the seed pod of Butterfly Weed in Catch the Wind.
And later the same day….
An Eastern Amberwing and a Common Whitetail, both males, share a perch in the Wetlands.

And finally, look who showed up!

A Great Egret dropped in on August 8 but only stayed with us for about an hour.

Was this the same Great Egret that stayed with us for several months last winter?

See you next time!




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