Finally, Juveniles!

I’ve been doing a lot of complaining lately about not being able to find any Green Treefrog juveniles in or around the Wetlands. It’s August, mid-August, and there should be some juveniles clinging to the vegetation surrounding the muddy water of our Wetlands. On Wednesday (8/15), I found two of the little green gems sitting on the lance-shaped leaves of the smartweed at the end of the Boardwalk in Explore the Wild.

A juvenile Green Treefrog clings to a smartweed leaf just feet from the boardwalk (about 1.5 cm).
There were also adults down in the weeds.

There were also a few adults down in the smartweed as well. But it’s the arrival of the juveniles, new morphed frogs, that’s got me all excited. I hope that this is just the beginning and we start to see more of them.

Realistically, I’m still doubtful that there will be many more young frogs emerging from the water since there seemed to be a scarcity of adults earlier in the season, you need adults to make baby frogs. We shall see. For now, however, I’m excited.

If you wanted to see these little green frogs, simply walk down the boardwalk into Explore the Wild and pause just before the end of the walk. Look down into the smartweed at the edge of the water and you may see them. They’re tiny, and blend in with their surroundings to a remarkable degree, so look carefully.

The smartweed.

If I happen to be nearby I’ll lend an eye and help scan the weeds with you, the more eyes, the better.

The other juvenile.

See you in the Wild!

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