Moon (just a phase its going through)

Top Photo: Nearly full waxing gibbous moon with “V” of double-crested cormorants passing over various lunar mares.*

You can’t see it now, it’s heavily overcast and raining, but as I write this, the moon is nearly full, waxing gibbous. On December 7 it will be full and thereafter begins the waning side of its phases until the new moon on the 23rd of the month.

Here’s a handful of shots of various phases.

Waxing crescent.
Waxing gibbous.
Waning gibbous, near third quarter.
Waning crescent.
Third quarter.
Waning gibbous (reversed as reflection in water).
Bald eagle glides beneath waxing gibbous moon.*


*Both cormorants and eagle were photoshopped onto images.

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