Moon (just a phase its going through)

Top Photo: Nearly full waxing gibbous moon with “V” of double-crested cormorants passing over various lunar mares.* You can’t see it now, it’s heavily overcast and raining, but as I write this, the moon is nearly full, waxing gibbous. On December 7 it will be full and thereafter begins the waning side of its phases until the new moon on the 23rd of the month. Here’s a handful of shots of various phases. Enjoy! *Both cormorants and eagle were photoshoppedRead more

The Fall

Though we are past peak fall colors, there’s still great photos to be had throughout our 84 acre campus. And, there are birds migrating through as well as resident birds to be seen and photographed.               And, for a couple of birds, one that you might see, another that you’ll probably see.         Till next time…Read more

Of Note

On the 81 degree day of Tuesday, March 17, a bald eagle was spotted (thanks to Al – Facilities) soaring over Catch the Wind. Thanks to a few Museum guests, I spotted the first of the season (for me) northern water snake. And, towards the end of the day, a raccoon was foraging along the path in Explore the Wild.         By the way, if you happen to see a raccoon here at the Museum which is close toRead more

Speaking of Eagles

Anyone wanting to find out what the nesting Jordan Lake Bald Eagles are up to can do so at the Jordan Lake EagleCam. You’ll have to sit through an ad or wait about 30 seconds staring at the screen before the live camera kicks in but if the eagle is present, it’s worth it. If you subscribe to Facebook it may be easier to go in through that site. It’s still called the Jordan Lake EagleCam (FB) but here you can pickRead more

Bald Eagle

Okay, Okay, it is a bit far away. But, the eagle was quite high and the lens out at full zoom. It’s the best I could do with what I had at hand. I know, I know, Bald Eagles are supposed to have a white head and tail. You’re right, adult eagles do. But, it can take about four years to acquire those features, the white head and tail. This eagle, the eagle in the photos, is only about twoRead more

Bald Eagles

Three Bald Eagles passed over our air space today (5/7/13). I was talking with Ranger Rock at the Bungee Jump about the chickadee and bluebird nests here at the Museum, when he looked up and saw one, then two, large birds soaring in the gray, overcast sky above. Both birds were Bald Eagles. And finally, almost fifteen minutes after the first two eagles passed, a third came into sight riding the beginnings of the same thermal as a Red-tailed Hawk. I’veRead more

Eagle Cam Update 2012

Last year around this time I posted about a web cam with a live view of a Bald Eagle’s nest at Jordan Lake here in central North Carolina. The nest is once again active. Two eggs were deposited in the nest sometime between December 2-8 and are being incubated at this time. The link to the camera has changed and is now: You’ll have to watch a brief ad before you can see the nest, but it doesn’t lastRead more

Bald Eagles

On Saturday May 14 three Bald Eagles soared over the Museum headed north. The birds were seen by all three Rangers on duty that day (Kristin, Sara, and me). All three eagles were sub-adults from a previous year as there was molt in progress on at least two of them. Keep looking up! Sorry, no photos.Read more