Live Eagle Cam

For those interested in raptors, large raptors, there is a live feed to a nesting Bald Eagle at Jordan Lake (Chatham County, NC). The camera is directly above the nest. I was just now (9:17 AM, 1/22/11) watching the adult tend to the chicks. At this time there are pieces of fish on the edge of the nest.

The adult just now sat down on the two very small, downy, but nearly naked chicks (must be cold up in that nest this morning, 24.4 degrees here in Durham with wind chill at 17). If you tune in and all you see is the top of a Bald Eagle in an otherwise empty nest, the chicks are under the adult.

You’ll need QuickTime to view the birds. The screen will most likely be green when you first tune in, so wait ten seconds or so and it’ll go live to the nest.

Happy eagle watching!

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  1. Suzanne Kozel says:

    Is this a typical nesting time? My PC blocks QuickTime install – do you have any photos? Thanks, Suzanne (your friend who sang to the wolves a few weeks ago)

    • Greg Dodge says:

      Ah yes, I remember that day well (singing to the wolves).
      As far as the eagles, here’s a quote taken from carolinabirds ListServ from someone who used to monitor the nest which appears on the live eagle cam site.
      “That particular nest — or nesting pair — has always seemed to have
      early chicks. (I know the nest from spring bird counts and from
      observing it a couple of years as a volunteer nest monitor.) ”
      It might be a tad early but I don’t think by much. I think that most of the eagles in our area probably already have eggs in the nest.

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