Dino Quiz Answers Finally Revealed!

The long wait for the answers to the Dino Quiz is over!

Congratulations, all of you are winners!!

However, not all of you identified all of the dinosaurs correctly. Everyone had at least three of the IDs wrong. Six was the highest number of incorrect answers.

The most commonly misidentified dinosaur was #15 which is a close-up of the eye of the Stygimoloch and not Edmontonia as most of you suggested. I’m assuming that most of you thought that this was a picture of the eye of the juvenile Edmontonia.

Numbers 4 and 6, Leptoceratops and Styracosaurus respectively, were next in line for the most often misidentified dino on the quiz. Both were most frequently ID’d as Stygimoloch. Number 4 is a close view of the hindquarter of the Leptoceratops and #6 a close-up of the Styracosaurus’s eye.

I manipulated some of the images, such as the Styracosaurus eye (#6). The model of the Styracosaurus has its head down and its eye is more or less oriented vertically. I positioned it as though the head were in an upright position, as the animal were walking with the head, and therefore the eye, on a horizontal plane.

I took the Parasaurolophus tail (#7) out of its setting and placed it in the woods, same tail, different location.

I reversed a few tails so that the dinosaurs appeared to be facing the opposite direction as when actually viewed from the Trail. For instance, you can not view the tail of the Alamosaurus (#1) from the Dinosaur Trail the way it’s pictured on the quiz, it projects to the right, not to the left. Of course, if you ride the train you get a glimpse of the tail as it’s pictured.

The Maiasaura (#3), Styracosaurus (#8), Troodon (#10), and Edmontonia (#16) all have their tails facing the opposite direction in the photos as they are on the trail itself. Only one misidentification of those was made, which would suggest that the orientation, or direction that the dinosaur was traveling made no difference as far as correctly identifying the dinosaur was concerned.

Okay, okay, the answers. Here they are:

  1. Alamosaurus

  2. Parasaurolophus

  3. Maiasaura

  4. Leptoceratops

  5. Albertosaurus

  6. Styracosaurus

  7. Parasaurolophus

  8. Styracosaurus

  9. Parasaurolophus

  10. Troodon

  11. Albertosaurus

  12. Stygimoloch

  13. Albertosaurus

  14. Leptoceratops

  15. Stygimoloch

  16. Edmontonia

Well, thanks to all who took part in the the quiz. And to all you winners out there, see me to collect your Very Special Prize.

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