FLASH! Marked Turtle Seen In Wetlands

A marked Yellow-bellied Slider.
Arrow points to notch.

On Friday (3/15), a Yellow-bellied Slider bearing a notch in her shell was seen basking on a log next to the Main Wetlands Overlook. This turtle was marked last year by myself as part of a turtle survey. It could not be determined which of some dozen turtles it was since only one notch was visible (some of the turtles have notches on both sides of their shells, left and right), however, it was clearly one of last year’s subjects.

 In other news:

Yona Bear chased Virginia Bear up the ledge which leads to her retreat on top of the cliff inside the Black Bear Enclosure. Yona, much younger and somewhat smaller than Virginia, seems to be asserting herself more and more as she grows.

Yona asserting herself by chasing Virginia up the side of the ledge.

Yona stomped her feet and huffed and puffed as Virginia stared down at her from the ledge.

Virginia staring down at Yona as she stomped and huffed and puffed.
Yona, doing her best stomping, huffing and puffing routine.

And back in the Wetlands…frogs continue to emerge from their torpor.

This bullfrog seems to have just been aroused. Note the mud posterior to the head.
Pickerel Frogs continue to appear.

If you haven’t seen any of this, you need to get outside and have a peek at what’s going on. It’s happening all around you, but you won’t see it if you’re not there when it happens.

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