Bluebird Update

Male Eastern Bluebird inspecting one of the new nest boxes.
The female inspects the box while the male (out of the picture) sits on a branch just above and behind the box.

Immediately after posting “Bluebird Boxes” I went out to Catch the Wind and this is what I saw!

Both the male and female had several peeks inside the boxes. It’s still uncertain, however, whether or not they will choose to use this particular box. But, two of the other boxes are being very carefully inspected by chickadees, it may be too late for the bluebirds to move into those. Wait till the House Wrens arrive!

As before, I will keep you posted as things develop.

Not mentioned previously was a male Belted Kingfisher which has been seen in the Wetlands for the past week. The female is seen nearly daily, the male only during spring and occasionally during the summer. It looks as though there may be another attempt at nesting by our resident female kingfisher.

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