A Tiger Drama

I saw the first Six-spotted Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sexguttata) of the season on the 19th of March. I’ve seen several others since.

ss tiger beetle
This brilliant green Six-spotted Tiger Beetle was seen on the path between Catch the Wind and Explore the Wild.

These beetles are often encountered in spring on the path or on the rocks alongside the path between Catch the Wind and Explore the Wild.

ss tiger 2
This is the same beetle as above. Notice the iridescence as this insect appears blue from this perspective (back-lit).

Tiger beetles are small (about 1/2″) but fierce predators. However, there’s always something bigger or “badder” out there.

tiger parts
This tiger beetle apparently met its match. Notice the white mandible to the right and just below the elytra (forewings or back of beetle). This is not the same beetle as above (notice the extra white spot on the elytra).

If you’re thinking that perhaps this beetle was stepped upon by a passerby, put that thought to rest. These beetles are too swift of foot and wing to be stepped on by us humans.

It’s difficult to say just what happened to the beetle in the above image, but it appears as though there was a struggle. Perhaps it was another tiger beetle?

3 responses to A Tiger Drama

  1. Erin Brown says:

    There’s an awful lot of Tiger Beetle carnage on your blog! I think I ended up with that Tiger Beetle wing…? Cassidy brought me one from you. They’re very beautiful!

    • Greg Dodge, Ranger says:

      I don’t wreak the carnage, just report it.
      Seriously though, I found another squashed beetle yesterday and nearly stepped on one myself today!
      You have to watch where you walk out there in Explore the Wild at this time of year.
      I think you did end up with a wing, and yes, they are beautiful.
      Have a good one…and mind where you put down your feet!

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