Bluebird Update 6/25/13

The season is coming to and end. All we have active at this time are two nest boxes, one at the Cow Pasture near the Train Tunnel and the other at the Butterfly House. Each nest contains five nestlings. All other nest boxes have been cleaned and readied for use but I’m afraid they won’t see any more activity until next spring, except perhaps as night time roosts.

Last week the Cow Pasture nest had five eggs, today it has five nestlings (6/25/13).
At last week’s inspection there were five tiny hatchlings in the Butterfly House nest. They’re growing but the nestlings still have a while to go before they fledge (6/25/13).

The Cow Pasture birds will probably still be in the nest next week at this time, the Butterfly House birds may fledge before next week. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

I don’t anticipate seeing any more nesting in these boxes this year, possible, but doubtful.

I plan to give a complete run down of the season when all is done in July. Keep in mind though, that we had one nest (Cow Pasture) with four eggs in it on July 12 last year. Although that nest never made it (something ate the eggs) it’s an indication of how long the season can last, the end of July, or into August.

So, we’re waiting to see if our ten little bluebirds make it to fledging and then we’ll wrap it up for the season. I will, however, keep an eye on the other nest boxes just in case we have any Johnny-come-lately nesters.

Til next time….

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