Gray Fox PSA

A Gray Fox stares at me as I exit my vehicle.

That’s what greeted me as I arrived here at the Museum this morning, a Gray Fox. If you’ve spent much time here at the Museum, especially in Explore the Wild or Catch the Wind you may have seen this fox or perhaps one of its kin. If you’ve read this Journal in the past you may have read about the foxes here at the Museum.

Gray Fox live here, they’re wild animals and not part of any display or exhibit. They den here, raise their young here. Sightings of fox are more frequent during this time of year. Typically foraging at night or during dusk, this fox probably has a den of hungry youngsters in its care and has been foraging during the day in order to feed those little mouths. That’s why there have been so many sightings lately.

If you see a fox here at the Museum, don’t toss any food its way, remember its a wild animal. Consider yourself lucky at having seen such a fascinating creature, then go your separate ways.

After a few minutes of gawking at one another this morning, the fox took off into the woods and I headed into my office to put this brief post together.

The fox gives me one last look before trotting off into the woods.

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  1. sherry says:

    love seeing the foxes and the kits! This is the time of year for seeing offspring… Keepers noticed a raccoon and youngster in the bear yard

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