Ducklings in the Wetlands

Top Photo: Mallard duck with two of her six ducklings. Ranger Molly informed me she saw a mallard duck and six ducklings in our wetlands over the weekend. On my next trip into the wetlands, I spotted the family in the swamp across from the Main Wetlands Overlook. A pair of mallards had been hanging around the wetlands the entire spring, had disappeared for a while early on, but had returned. Sometime later in the season they had again goneRead more

Bluebird Update 4/22/14

There have been a few changes since last week’s inspection of the six nest boxes here at the Museum. All nest boxes are occupied, as was the case last week. But now, all bluebird nests have full compliments of eggs, all are being incubated by their respective parents. And, all but one chickadee egg has hatched. There are still 5 eggs in the nest at the Cow Pasture. The female flew out as I approached which means the eggs areRead more

Bluebird Update 6/25/13

The season is coming to and end. All we have active at this time are two nest boxes, one at the Cow Pasture near the Train Tunnel and the other at the Butterfly House. Each nest contains five nestlings. All other nest boxes have been cleaned and readied for use but I’m afraid they won’t see any more activity until next spring, except perhaps as night time roosts. The Cow Pasture birds will probably still be in the nest nextRead more

Bluebird Update July 12, 2012

If you remember, last week I reported a single egg inside the nest box at the Train Tunnel, it now has three nest mates. The female was incubating as I approached and took flight just before I reached to box. As usual, I checked all of our six nest boxes here at the Museum and found them all empty except the Train Tunnel box. So far this box has had one failed nest and has fledged four young. This isRead more