Birds & Butterflies of June

On the last day of the month, some of the avian and lepidopteran creatures of June…

A Great Blue Heron “suns” on a rock in the Wetlands on one of June’s many hot and humid days.
Stretching and panting, the heron readjusts itself.
Preening is just part of the routine for birds, including this Green Heron on a stump just off the boardwalk.
A big stretch of the wing.
A Great-crested Flycatcher perches on a lamp post in Explore the Wild while searching for insects to catch.
Gray Catbirds continue to sing throughout the outdoor exhibit areas.
A Gray Hairstreak nectars on Butterfly Weed in Catch the Wind.
Large and brightly colored, a Great Spangled Fritillary is conspicuous on this Butterfly Weed.
Often seen on the moist ground where they suck up nutrients, Red-spotted Purples are common in our area.
A Mourning Cloak quietly sits atop a leaf alongside the path near the entrance to the Dinosaur Trail.
Quick fliers, this Silver-spotted Skipper pauses to nectar on the tiny flowers of Dogbane near the entrance to the Lemur House.

Can you guess how each animal got its name?

What did you see at the Museum in June?

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