Bluebird Time?

It may be a bit early for bluebirds to start nesting but it’s not too early to get out and clean their nest boxes, and that’s just what I did first thing Saturday morning here at the Museum. All of our 6 nest boxes have been brushed and scraped of any left over debris from last season and any other accumulated dust, debris or insect or spider larvae/pupae. I went ahead and installed a predator guard on one of theRead more

Bluebird Final Tally

Last week there were five nestlings in the Cow Pasture nest box, they have all fledged (7/9). With the fledging of the Cow Pasture brood, all of our six nest boxes are empty. There’s a jumble of twigs in the nest box next to the Picnic Dome, but I don’t expect to see any more added to it, it hasn’t been worked on in over two weeks. This year there was a total of 33 birds fledged out of ourRead more

Bluebird Report

A handful of Eastern Bluebirds were seen visiting the bird feeders and, more importantly, inspecting the nest boxes placed in Catch the Wind last season. It won’t be long now…. Spring’s just around the bend!Read more

Birdbox Update

The folks who installed our Bluebird Nest Boxes in Catch the Wind came by to check the occupancy of the boxes. All of the boxes in Catch the Wind are occupied. Two boxes hold Eastern Bluebird nests and two contain Carolina Chickadee nests. As of Saturday April 10, all but one box had eggs in them. You can watch chickadees go in and out of one of the nest boxes by sitting on a bench at Flying Birds, the birdRead more