Top Photo: Adeyha and Oak (front) sticking close.

It’s February and the season for procreation begins. Red wolf Oak is in estrus, Canada geese have arrived, hawks are soaring above screaming out their intentions, and songbirds are ramping up their melodious twitterings.

Oak and Adeyha have been much more attached to one another over the past week, estrus has arrived.

A lot of sniffing and licking.
Adeyha mounts Oak, but no tie has been observed.

As of yet, I’ve not witnessed a tie, which is required for the female to become pregnant.

Each year in February Canada geese arrive to stake out a claim on possible nest sites in our wetlands. Geese can show up at any time of the year, but the geese that arrive in February are not merely visiting, there’s purpose behind their coming. There may be as many as three or four pairs vying for territory in our small wetland in the next few months. The first pair has arrived.

A pair of geese inspect the area for suitability.

Red-shouldered hawks are vocal all year long, but especially when clear blue February skies have them soaring above showing off and displaying their aerial prowess to all within ear or eyeshot.

Red-shouldered hawk courtship is under way.

All over campus various songbirds have been heard tuning up their specific songs.

Male northern cardinal belts out its song along the edge of the wetlands.

Though I may see green anoles during warm spells throughout winter there is a marked new awakening in various habitats around the campus.

Green anole peeks out from under rock (right side).
Close-up of anole.

It’s just the beginning!

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