A Bird Walk Thru the Week

On this bright, sunny, and relatively warm day following many days of below normal temperatures, I thought it’d be nice to take a walk through the past week or so and have a look at some of the birds that frequent Explore the Wild and Catch the Wind.

It’s been difficult to get good images of our resident female Belted Kingfisher. She doesn’t allow a close approach. With most of the water frozen, she’s had to choose between perching close to the shore (where there’s open water) and not eating. Click!
One of our Great Blue Herons looks down at the frozen water…
and decides to move on.
A Red-shouldered Hawk flies in to land on a willow branch to hunt for frogs.
The hawk immediately begins the search for movement in the grass and water below.
Apparently nothing of interest here, time to search elswhere.
A Hermit Thrush forages in the leaf liter below the Wetland’s willows.
With the thaw comes the mergansers. This Hooded Merganser rests between fishing and preening.
Last week a merganser showed up that was not quite into its full adult male plumage. Note the dull crest, grayish sides and breast, and not-quite golden eye.
After leaving the Wetlands, the Red-shouldered Hawk retreated to the swamp above the Lemur House where a Blue Jay cautiously watched it hunt (on right, behind branch).
The Northern Mockingbird that resides in Catch the Wind keeps a look-out for other berry eating birds while perched atop its favorite Red Cedar.

Take a walk. It’s good for you.

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