Boardwalk Barred Owl

It was a dark, overcast day. An hour or two before, I had heard the piercing calls of two or three blue jays hassling something near the first bend in the boardwalk as it descends into Explore the Wild. I was walking on the path above the boardwalk and gave a quick look in the raucous jays’ direction. Jays and other birds are known to mob perched hawks and owls. However, I didn’t see anything and moved on. An hour or two later, I wasRead more

A Bird Walk Thru the Week

On this bright, sunny, and relatively warm day following many days of below normal temperatures, I thought it’d be nice to take a walk through the past week or so and have a look at some of the birds that frequent Explore the Wild and Catch the Wind. Take a walk. It’s good for you.Read more

Caching Blue Jays

In October of 2008 I wrote about Blue Jays hoarding acorns and how they may have played a role in reforesting the east after the most recent glacial period. The other day I noticed Blue Jays flying back and forth over Catch the Wind. I forgot about those raucous birds until this morning (10/21) as I was talking with Ranger Lewis at the Ornithopter. They’re at it again! If you happen to be out in Catch the Wind, look up,Read more

Blue Jays Hoard, Butter-Butts Swarm

Mallards are back in the Wetlands. Three Mutt Ducks (Mallard x Domestic) and eight or so “normal” Mallards have been feeding and resting in the quiet water and under the Willow Trees. Canada Geese are paying regular visits to the Wetlands. For nearly a week after the passage of the cold front that moved through on the 18th/19th of October the skies were mostly clear with high cirrus clouds making it easy to pick out high flying birds. The 18thRead more