Despite what the calendar says, it’s summer.  And, as what happens every summer, birds that had been caring for and feeding their young in the nest are now out and about with their families teaching the youngsters how to survive on their own. Warm weather frogs, like treefrogs, stimulated by the heat and thunderstorms, are breeding on cue. And plants, that can, like-wise, take the heat, have set blooms. Insects that have been less obvious to us the rest of the yearRead more


I haven’t seen any of our local Green Herons in over two weeks. They’re either being very secretive or they’ve moved on. It is, in fact, October and traditionally we loose our resident Green Herons to migratory urges during this time of year. A Great Blue Heron has been an on-and-off visitor this past summer but seems to have now settled into the on position, I’ve seen it every day for several weeks. This is not an unusual occurrence, we’veRead more

A Bird Walk Thru the Week

On this bright, sunny, and relatively warm day following many days of below normal temperatures, I thought it’d be nice to take a walk through the past week or so and have a look at some of the birds that frequent Explore the Wild and Catch the Wind. Take a walk. It’s good for you.Read more