What’s Out There?

Top Photo: Great blue skimmer with prey.

In one rather quick trip around the outdoor loop here at the museum I came upon a good bunch of interesting sights. In no particular order, here’s some of them.

There are banana trees planted at several locations throughout the museum’s outdoor areas. The one pictured is in the garden next to Sprouts Cafe.

Tiny green bananas behind flower next to Sprouts Cafe.

Pomegranate is growing next to the bananas.

pomegranate flower.
Pomegranate fruit.
And what’s inside.

Along the edge of that same garden I spotted a banded longhorn beetle on a purple coneflower flower petal.

Banded longhorn beetle on coneflower.

Bumble bees were making frequent visit to the flowers.

Bumble bee covered with pollen.

Down in the wetlands, eastern amberwings are a common sight.

Eastern amberwing with reflection on plankton in wetlands.

The flat-backed millipede crossing the path (below) is one of two species seen here at the museum. The other is the more typical variety which is round in cross section rather than flattened as this one. Folks sometimes mistake the flat-backed millipede for a centipede.

Flat-backed millipede crossing to the other side.

On June 22 I took a photo of ghost pipe emerging from the forest floor along the Dinosaur Trail.

Ghost pipe from June 22 on Dino Trail.

Here’s what the ghostly plant looked like some 18 days later (7/10).

Same ghost pipe July 10 on Dino Trail.

Yellow passion flower is bearing its small green half-inch fruit.

Yellow passionflower fruit and leaves.
Close of fruit.

What did you see out there?

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