Turtle Release

Back in September of last year I reported that some of the turtle eggs that were deposited into earthen nests last spring by our wild resident semi-aquatic turtles had not hatched on time, they were well overdue. Two of the suspect nests were dug up and eight turtles were found alive within the nests, five Yellow-bellied Sliders and three Eastern Painted Turtles.

All of the hatchlings were kept alive and happy over the past seven months by Animal Keeper Mikey. The five sliders were released into our Wetlands on Thursday April 5, by Mikey and Ranger Kristin who, if you remember, were both present when the turtles were dug up last fall.

All five sliders are anxious to get moving.

The smaller turtle on the bottom left is the “runt,” the same as was pictured in one of the original photos from last September.

Keeper Mikey hands over the turtles one at a time as Ranger Kristin releases them into their new home.
This little slider needs a bit of coaxing.

Thanks Kristin and Mikey!

Good luck, turtles!!


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