The Wetlands Comes Alive

Top Photo: Green frog waits for something to happen.

Cricket Frogs, Bullfrogs, and Gray Tree Frogs are calling. Occasionally, a Green Frog will pluck in with its twangy, single-note call. At least four Green Tree Frogs were seen along the path between the Lemur house and Catch the Wind. Look for them low on the vegetation along the raised banks on either side of the paved path (please stay on the path). They were calling during the first few days of May and should still be there or close by. They’re tough to find. Good luck.

Northern Water Snakes are regularly seen coiled up on a branch overhanging the Wetlands, resting on the banks, or patrolling for frogs along shore. A pair was seen by many guests as at least one of them (the snakes) attempted to mate. The female seemed uninterested.

Many young (silver dollar-sized) Yellow-bellied and Painted Turtles have been seen basking near the shoreline of the Wetlands. The Yellow-bellied Turtles are green in color while the Painted Turtles have a darker, almost black, shell.

Along with Yellow-bellied and Painted Turtles, large Snapping Turtles have been observed basking out on logs and rocks in the Wetlands.

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